Welcome to MTR – 
Molecular Targeted Radiopharmaceuticals Holding GmbH


MTR, founded in 2018, is an early stage pharmaceutical development company developing a new class of fluorescence- and radioactivly labeled drugs for Dx and Tx of solid tumors utilizing the overexpression of PARP in tumor tissue. PARP is located on the DNA itself making PARP an ideal target for targeted precision medicine. 

The precisely targeting of tumors with a labeled PARP inhibitor offers both an unique diagnostic & staging potential and highly efficient & precisely targeted tumor therapy with minimal side effects.

There continues to be a high unmet medical need for a potent anti-cancer therapy that includes efficacy against tumors that are currently poorly treatable or show multi-drug resistance. The MTR platform technology is deeply rooted in the theranostics principle in molecular medicine combining both diagnostic imaging and therapy with the same molecule being labeled differently. This integrated companion approach deposits in therapy a highly targeted lethal payload to tumor tissue addressing even small therapy-resistant refractory lesions without systemic toxicity.

Result: A new generation of targeted cancer Dx & Tx in a novel approach.