A new generation of
clinical diagnostics (molecular imaging)
and targeted cancer therapy.

Personalized Medicine · Theranostic · Precision Oncology

Welcome to MTR – Molecular Targeted Radiopharmaceuticals Holding GmbH – a leader in the discovery and development of labeled PARP inhibitors for Dx (Topical applications & Molecular Imaging) and Tx of cancer in a Theranostic approach. Our initial approach takes advantages of DNA damage overload to induce tumor-cell specific internal radiation therapy followed by self-destruction of cancer cells.

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Core Message

At MTR, we develop fluorescence-labeled, radioactivly labeled diagnostic products for molecular imaging on PET/CT and therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals for cancer patients. Our development pipeline consists of a family of several labelled small molecules allowing fast targeted delivery of a radiotoxic payload to the DNA of cancer cells while sparing healthy tissues. MTR leverages small proteins to radiolabeled probes featuring an excellent biodistribution, rapid cell membrane penetration and superior target affinity resulting in cell lethal irreversible DNA damage in cancer tissue.